What is domain?

Computers communicate on the internet between each other through the numbers, i.e. IP addresses. These numbers are unintelligible and useless for people, that´s why we use domains. Internet domain is the unique name, which determines your web page on the internet. It is also the address which you simply write into the browser once you want to get to the requested page. The domain name is formed by several parts, mainly three of them are divided by dot, for example:

Highest level domain

Highest level domain, i.e. TLD (Top Level Domain) creates the last part of the domain name (referred as the ending). It represents the highest level in the international system of domains. TLD domains are divided into the national, which represents the relation to the exact country or the EU (like sk, cz, hu, at, eu) and there are also the generic domains, which have the general character (like com, net, org). Every TLD domain has its own administrator, who defines the registration rules. It is the company SK-NIC a.s. for the slovak domains

2nd level domain

2nd level domain is the name by itself which can easily identify your web page. Commonly, it is a company name or a product. The correct choice of the domain is one of the key factors which can influence the webpage success on the internet.

3rd level domain

3rd level domain, i.e. subdomain originates by the enhancement of the domain name in an additional level. It is commonly used as a “www” text on the left side of the 2nd level domain, but it is possible to redeem it by another name. It is possible to place the independent page at this subdomain, which is placed under the 2nd level domain, for example: there is a company page on the and the e-shop can be found at the page