How to register new domain

  1. Sign in to the WebAdmin. (First time with us? Sign Up for free.)
  2. Click on the button "Register domain", which is accessible from any part of the WebAdmin
  3. Choose the button “New Domain Registration” from the options offered.
  4. Add the domain name and choose the ending. By clicking on the button “Verify domain” check the availability of the selected domain. Once the domain is available, you can continue in the registration process.
  5. Another step provides you with a NAME SERVER domain settings. Our servers are default, once you decided to admit your domain to the other place, it is the time to set it up at the moment. In case you want to utilize our hosting, do not provide any changes, simply click on the button “Continue”.
  6. Set data about domain owner.
  7. Choose the number of years you wish to register the domain for and by clicking on the button “Finish registration” you will successfully finish the registration process.
  8. Registration request can be tracked in the item “Services in progrss” till the end of the termination. Your new activated domain can be found under the section “Domains”