Hosting parameters

Hosting is allocated by three basic parametres, i.e. space size, mailbox numbers and numbers of the databases. Every single webpage is unique and it demands different parametres for the correct and comfortable usage. It is commonly known that you cannot assume the parametres of the webhosting suitable for your web in advance. Due to our individualistic setting method of the webhosting, you can control your parametres, including the price anytime. You can adjust the parametres easily by the roller shifting.


Every webpage has its own size, delegated by the MB amount. This amount is needed for the problem-free working. The space includes the extent at all, where the web files can be found, the space which is dedicated to the databases and the space for the mail communication. As the web is growing, the space needs to get larger. It cannot cause the problem with us, you can slightly modify the space size on a daily base.


Email is one of the most important communication channels these days. Once you decide to have your own webpage, you would probably want to communicate through the email address which correspondents to the name domain. For example, webpage at the address and email name like The mailboxes amount can be easily changed by roller shifting. You can also modify this amount following the numbers of employees, for example, you employ the new employee, slightly add his dedicated mailbox.


Some webpages (especially e-shops, discussions, blogs and other webs using content system) use the data enrolled within the one or more databases for the proper working. You can use the famous MySQL database system within our servers.