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The support centre is the original knowledge database based upon our experiences and customer incetives. Once you feel helpless, visit the Support Centre and use the search tool. You will likely find the requested answer very fast.

Various articles are divided into the categories based on the topics which can be interested for you. They are logically split into the steps which you need to pass by the activation and the service using. In case of any queries, you will find the answer within the Support Centre.

Get started, for beginners

Once the world of domains, webpages, webhosting is totally upcoming to you, follow the articles in the section How to start. You will get lots of information which will be efficient and your attitude becomes more comfortable and more certain in the registration, service activation up to the first loading of your webpage from our servers.

I cannot find my answer in the Support Centre

We work very hard to improve the quality of our service and the database spreading, also articles feeding by other information. It can happen you will be not able to find the requested answer. In that case, please, use the other forms of our support system.